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Austrian minister tells Erdoğan not to interfere in European politics – POLITICO


Thank you, Mr Kurz, for making this statement. It is clear, direct, self-explanatory, even Erdogan should be able to understand it despite his unwillingness to accept points of view he considers counter-productive to his dictatorship. Can other EU leaders please join in making similar declarations?

Posted on 8/20/17 | 3:43 PM CEST

Ann Observer

There’s a simple solution to this. There are millions of Turkish citizens living in the EU and they are understandably worried about their rights. The Turkish Supreme Court should therefore have extraterritorial jurisdiction over all Turkish citizens living in EU countries. If Turkish citizens feel that their rights are being infringed by European governments, then they should be able appeal direct to their own Supreme Court at European taxpayers’ expense, and that court should have the legal authority to issue fines to the EU if necessary.

There’s an excellent precedent already being mooted right now. There are millions of EU citizens living in the UK and they are also worried about their rights, thanks in large part to the highly responsible and accurate journalism in EU countries and the fears being fanned by the European Commission. Thus the EU is quite sensibly demanding a foreign court hold jurisdiction over EU citizens living in the UK.

Posted on 8/20/17 | 3:45 PM CEST


@Ann Observer

Tsk, tsk…

Posted on 8/20/17 | 4:09 PM CEST



nice one. Who said satire is dead?

Posted on 8/20/17 | 4:52 PM CEST


@Ann Observer

Good job Ann !

Double standards are inherent in today’s EU policy:

“German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel hit out against Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s “interference” in Germany’s elections, after the Turkish leader urged Turks living abroad not to vote for parties of the ruling coalition.”

And not so long ago:
– “French election runoff: Merkel pitches Macron over Le Pen again”
– “Juncker breaks tradition with support for Macron”.

Posted on 8/20/17 | 5:34 PM CEST


Mr. Kurtz could start explaining why there are so many Turkish living in Austria and why he sent 70 soldiers to the italian border where there is no need to deploy them.
I guess electoral campaign is ongoing in Austria too. Buffoon speaking

Posted on 8/20/17 | 5:45 PM CEST


History is full with psycho_megalomaniac dictators the likes of Erdogan who started wars and eventually destroying their countries .
If Turkish citizens feel that their rights are being infringed by European governments, and European justice is not suffice then they should return back to Turkey .

Posted on 8/20/17 | 7:05 PM CEST

Ann Observer

@ cos

But in Sebastian Kurz’s own Austria a neo-fascist came close to winning power last year. Le Pen got more than 30% in France and the AfD and neo-Nazis have not gone away in Germany. What guarantee is there are of decent European government or ‘justice’ for the millions of Turks in these countries? Surely it’s best to let the Turkish Supreme Court have extraterritorial jurisdiction over the Turkish population in the EU? There is no guarantee that the crazy Europeans might not do something bad in the future, so surely Turkish law should be supreme.

It can’t be a crazy idea because in a similar fashion the EU is demanding extraterritorial jurisdiction for its own citizens in the UK. Guy Verhofstadt calls it ‘European citizenship’. In tandem we could establish ‘Greater Turkish Citizenship’.

Posted on 8/20/17 | 7:30 PM CEST


Kurz tells Erdogan not to interfere in European politics, Sweden’s Prime minister feels free to interfere in US politics

Double standards are alive and well, EU presents a united front etc

@ann observer – you should have waited because you couldn’t really make this one up!

Posted on 8/20/17 | 8:29 PM CEST

De Vogue

Year in year out, over the last 30 years or so, Turks settled in what used to be called West Germany have been described as model citizens, model taxpayers, perfect and harmless, perfectly adjusted (“no taxation without representation”: rings a bell?). How come that their loyalty is questioned (questionable?) all of a sudden? How extraordinary really! Is it possible that noone in Western democracies has been able to see further than the end of his nose for all that time? Hungarians, Armenians and several other nations are able to bring an answer…. for historic reasons.

Posted on 8/20/17 | 10:10 PM CEST

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