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Scaramucci admits he wasn’t cut out for White House

WASHINGTON – Anthony Scaramucci said he never meant to undercut Stephen Colbert’s “exclusive” interview and the dust-up with the funnyman may be further proof he’s not cut out to be White House communications director.

Scaramucci stunned CBS’s “The Late Show” when he granted an “exclusive” interview to Colbert for Monday night without telling Colbert he also agreed to an “exclusive” to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos a day earlier. Colbert had announced he’d landed the first interview with “The Mooch.”

“That was not intentional,” Scaramucci said Sunday in a Periscope livestream interview.

“Regrettably I didn’t tell him [Colbert] I had already made an agreement to go on George’s show. Maybe that’s another reason I shouldn’t be the comms director. I didn’t get all the nuances and subtlety about these exclusive things … There was no element of trickery there.”

Two weeks after being fired from the White House, Scaramucci returned with gusto Sunday in a series of appearances. On ABC’s “This Week” he linked White House aide Steve Bannon to President Trump’s Charlottesville statement that didn’t decisively go after the KKK and white supremacists. In a separate ABC Facebook Live interview, Scaramucci called Bannon’s tolerance of white nationalists “inexcusable.” He also mulled writing a book.

The Mooch also launched an Instragram account and conducted a nearly hour-long Periscope chat with his fans. He fielded questions on topics ranging from Vice President Mike Pence (he nicknamed him “46” for the next president) to his favorite cereal (“I’m a big, big Fruit Loops eater!”)

If he had it his way, he wouldn’t have been fired on his 11th day on the job. He thought he was doing good work for the Trump – until his profane New Yorker interview was made public to his surprise.

Resilient and adaptable, Scaramucci said he’s now focusing on being a voice for Americans who are “socially inclusive and fiscally responsible.” And he’ll continue to do so in style – despite learning his favorite aviators aren’t made for men.

“I didn’t realize they were women’s sunglasses,” Scaramucci said.

The Mooch then reached for the shades and donned them confidently for the camera.

“I think they look pretty good with the shape of my face,” he said.

“I own it. I’m going to continue to wear women’s sunglasses.”

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