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Trump’s Generals Are Trying to Save the World. Starting With the White House.

By the end of last week, even President Donald Trump had apparently had enough of the self-inflicted chaos swirling around his White House. And the person he turned to fix it—instinctively, it seems—was a retired Marine Corps general. John Kelly, out of uniform for just a year after retiring as …

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Facebook is playing a decisive role in UK politics and regulators are starting to take note

Internet users are interested in the influence of political campaigning on the advertisements they see. Who Targets Me is a browser plugin which identified such political advertisements in the General Election just gone. Sam Jeffers, founder of the software, told CNBC via telephone that “We’re coming to a place in …

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The White House’s credibility crisis is starting to engulf HR McMaster

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster speaks to reporters at the White House in Washington on May 21, 2017. Thomson Reuters The White House’s credibility crisis continues to deepen, and experts say it may now reach one of the few remaining independent voices in the Trump administration: national security adviser H.R. …

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