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The Insiders: July 16th Edition, How Should Money in Politics be Limited?

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Donald Trump has promised again and again to drain the swamp in Washington, and now Republican candidate for governor Ron Corbett is borrowing the phrase.

Corbett is trying to use it against Governor Kim Reynolds, hoping to beat her in June’s primary and eventually take her place in the governor’s mansion. Corbett challenged the governor not to accept any “D.C. special interest swamp money.” His campaign also distributed a letter saying, “Let’s keep swamp money out of Iowa politics,” along with his signature and a blank line for the governor to sign.

Corbett said he’ll try to raise about $2 million dollars and claims to be about halfway there. He said he would consider limiting how much money he’d take from an individual donor.

Do you think Corbett would make a better argument of limiting money in politics by volunteering saying a donor–even if it’s a rich one–can only give a certain amount? Would this make his pledge to drain the swamp purer in some people’s minds?

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